Rebecca Smith started her carrer at Classic Tattoo in San Marcos, TX in 2005 under the guidance of her mentor, Morgan Haberle. Born in Austin, Rebecca has grown up in the hill country of central Texas and has devoted the first five years of her career to Classic.
"Working for my mentor after an apprenticeship was the best jumpstart a tattooer could have," said Rebecca.
"I was taken care of, my education was furthered, and I was never allowed to believe that I was ever done learning."
While pursuing a higher level of tattooing and art education, Rebecca has found herself travelling from coast to coast attending Paradise tattoo gatherings, tattoo conventions, tattoo seminars and Paradise artist retreats She has taken seminars from the likes of Jeff Gogue, Jeff Ensminger, Russ Abbott , and Chris Conn plus many more.
"I enjoy how each artist works and it's fun to learn and understand how they tattoo," said Rebecca.
"I want to absorb their awesomeness through osmosis!"
While not only travelling for education, she has also traveled for work as well. Tattooing has carried her from the occasional guest spot in San Antonio, TX to the far reaches north of Ithaca, NY and overseas as well to the wine country of southern Germany.
"I love tattooing and that it affords me the opportunity to travel all over the world, " said Rebecca.
She enjoys tattooing almost any subject matter from small single session tattoos to large multisession pieces. The emphasis is on the client and what will ultimately make them happy.
When Rebecca isn't travelling, she enjoys the company of her husband tattooer, Mr. Brandon Lantz Smith and her beautiful little dog, Gia.

Travel Dates

Paradise Tattoo Gathering

10.20.16 - 10.23.16 Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort Hancock, MA