LIVESTREAM Limit-Less with Jason Butcher and Lianne Moule

Price: $225.00

Friday October 21th @ 12-3

Seminar focus: Our seminar will focus on what we are doing, how we are doing it but more importantly why we are doing it. We will be explaining our processes from choosing the client all the way through to the finished tattoo. We will explain why we have decided to focus on collaboration tattoos and how this drives everything we do artistically and how other artists could apply this to their own work. 

Learning outcomes:

  • techniques for collaboration tattoos
  • preparation of artwork
  • how to pick the right clients
  • improve tattooing thought process
  • thinking outside of the box with designs (creative thought process)
  • inspire people to have no limitations 

About the instructors: Jason Butcher tattooist for 22 years.
Lianne Moule tattooist for 9 years.
Specialising in collaboration tattoos for the past 3 years. 

Price: $225.00