LIVESTREAM Flow & Fit: A Hands-On Workshop with Guy Aitchison

Price: $175.00

LIVESTREAM Friday October 21th @ 4:30-7:30

Seminar focus: At the very core of any tattoo artist's toolkit is the need for strong composition that reads nicely on the human form. Almost any design idea can be made to look good on the body if approached with an understanding not only of the flow of the body's musculature, but some basic guidelines for making compositions strong, clear and readable. In his course Flow & Fit: A Hands-On Workshop, Guy Aitchison goes into detail about this topic which he considers to be at the very foundation of what it takes to design good tattoos. The course consists of three short presentations which are then followed by drawing exercises which will be evaluated in class alongside everyone else's drawings. 

Learning outcomes: Students can expect to be introduced to a number of useful compositional tools including a better understanding of the human muscle groups, shortcuts to good composition, and tips for keeping your drawings strong and clear while still working well with the underlying musculature. This includes practical hints for sizing, stenciling or freehanding, and getting each project to a stage where it is ready to be put on skin.

About the instructor: Guy Aitchison has been tattooing since 1988 an has spent the bulk of that time involved in education for the tattoo industry. His courses inspired the writing of his book Reinventing The Tattoo, which has been the standard in tattoo education for 20 years, and is now available as an ever-expanding electronic educational package which opens with a chapter on Flow & Fit, which he considers to be one of the key understandings to good tattooing. You can read about it at

Price: $175.00