LIVESTREAM Support your body support your business with Rachel Gonzalez

Price: $75.00

LIVESTREAM Saturday October 22nd @ 3:30-4:30

Seminar focus: In this seminar I will be sharing information on how to create a daily practice of good health and movement to help support our busy days.
We will explore how taking 15 minutes of our day can make a difference in our performance as tattoo artist. Students will walk away with access to a variety of short sequences they can do in the beginning of the day and Inbetween clients to help releave tension in wrists, hands, neck, shoulders and hips.
We will review 5 minute breathe techniques to facilitate a calm focused mind while working with our clients or at home. As well as techniques to energize ourselves to keep going through long sessions.
We will review dietary aids in reducing inflammation of our joints ( wrists, vertebrae,and hips). Gain knowledge of the effects of repetitive movement in our work place. All body types and lifestyles welcome.

Learning outcomes:
Students will leave with the knowledge of how to better support their bodies in a busy days. Integrating realistic ideas of health and wellness to their lives .They will have the tools of nutrition and movement to support their lifestyles; leaving with charts that show foods,teas and sequences that will aid in the relief of the daily challenges that might arise with our work.  

About the instructor:
Rachel G has been tattooing and teaching yoga for the past 13yrs. She has owned, tattooed and taught in both Maui,HI and Homer,Ak Where her studios live in two beautiful destinations!
She own continuely growing her practice of good health with her clients in and out of her studios while striving for balance with laughter and curioisity with each project.

Price: $75.00