LIVESTREAM Coverup: The Next Level with Guy Aitchison

Price: $175.00

Saturday October 22nd @ 5-8

Seminar focus:
Building on last year's seminar Coverup: A Fresh Look, Guy Aitchison discusses a variety of different coverup projects, large and small, and the unique challenges that each project embodies, using both photos and video examples to show the technical details up close, with the aim of being able to conquer any coverup project. Participants are invited to bring photos of upcoming coverup challenges that they are facing in order to to explore possible solutions on the big screen.

Learning outcomes:
Artists are encouraged to find answers to their coverup challenges that are strong compositions that read clearly from a distance, so the course focuses on both compositional needs of coverup projects along with the complete technical details on getting the best possible results. For all levels of tattooing experience.

About the instructor:
Guy Aitchison has been tattooing since 1988 an has spent the bulk of that time involved in education for the tattoo industry. His courses inspired the writing of his book Reinventing The Tattoo, which has been the standard in tattoo education for 20 years, and is now available as an ever-expanding electronic educational package including a massive new section on coverups. You can read about it at


Price: $175.00